NFN Resolutions

Adopted in 2015

  1. Resolution Opposing the Nursing Compact (PDF) May 2015
  2. Resolution Concerning the Staff nurse and Pre-Authorization Forms (PDF) May 2015

Adopted in 2013

  1. Opposing National Right to Work Laws  (PDF)  May 2013
  2. Addressing Gun Violence   (PDF)  May 2013
  3. In Support of Social Security  (PDF)  May 2013
  4. In Support of Keeping Knives off Planes  (PDF)  May 2013
  5. In Support of the Affordable Care Act  (PDF)  May 2013
  6. In Support of Same Sex Marriage  (PDF)   May 2013
  7. In Support of Affiliation with AFT  (PDF) May 2013
  8. Repudiation of Labor Trafficking   (PDF) May 2013
  9. License Jurisdiction for Cross Border Nursing Practice (PDF) Nov 2013

Adopted in May 2011

  1. Violence Against Nurses: Employer Responsibilities (PDF)
  2. Implementation of the Recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s Report, “The Future of Nursing; Leading Change, Advancing Health” (PDF)
  3. Implications of Fatigue on Patient and Nurse Safety (PDF)
  4. Support for Nurses and Other Workers’ Collective Bargaining and Free Speech Rights (PDF)
  5. Safe Staffing Levels (PDF)