About Our Union


National Federation of Nurses is a leading national labor union and collaborative voice for registered nurses. Our work is driven by the priorities of our members—nurses associations and the individual nurses they represent.

National Federation of Nurses was founded in 2008 to provide a unique, more inclusive option for nurses and model for national unions. We are dedicated to respect for the members associations’ sovereignty, transparency and strong collaboration to meet the needs of nurses everywhere.

We take action at the local, state and national level to improve working conditions for nurses and achieve better patient outcomes. Our goal is ultimately to create a strong, educated and stable nursing workforce, and, thereby, improve health care delivery in the United States.


Our Members

Montana Nurses Association   mtnurses.org

Ohio Nurses Association  ohnurses.org

Oregon Nurses Association oregonrn.org

Washington State Nurses  Association  wsna.org

We are affiliated with AFT, in the Nurses and Health Preofessionals Division  AFT.org